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​Livestock medication system helping streamline food security

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Automed is a comprehensive system designed to provide solutions to challenges surrounding compliance and traceability for the intensive livestock industry. Robyn Short takes a closer look at the next generation product.

Automed takes strategically planned innovation and Australia’s global reputation for food export safety seriously, reporting its livestock-friendly and digitally delivered medication applicator and adapter for rural producers and exporters recently won ACT industry awards recognition for its product.

Designed for secure export compliance and clean delivery of meat, dairy and pork products, whether for local or to overseas markets, the firm is amid processing what it describes as significant Australian and US sales orders, with cleaner and more reliable food delivery its charter.

Set up in 2012, the fledging start-up venture reports it has pinned down world patents for its lightweight gun. Assembled locally, its components originate in the US, Germany and China. Weighing 400g, it is designed to provide feedlot supervisors and employees with simple flexibility of use and features portability across wide work areas.

According to the makers, national regulators will benefit by proper accounting for the use of pharmaceuticals in livestock, avoid the possible cost from the misuse of drugs, and ensure that national reputations for quality livestock are not compromised.

It is said the firm’s electronically based injection method also offers improved workplace health and safety, as well as electronic identification and dosing, with comprehensive data enabled automatically. Features included compliance medication traceability, data and statistics, as well as the recording of full-life records.

The product measures 62mm by 240mm and features Wi-Fi accessibility and LED power. The firm reports the user may also choose electronic drive, or a 110 volt to 240 volt battery charger which is said to enable one hour continuous charge time. The product is understood to offer up to eight hours of continuous battery use, depending on the setting.

Internal memory capacity is claimed at 130,000 records and designed for use with Android or Apple operating systems. Single doses of up to 60ml, or unlimited multiple doses are claimed for capable delivery by the method.

The firm says a split system driver unit and disposable multi-purpose digital adapter recognition is designed for compliance medication. These include oral, injectable or pour-on methods, the unit offering automatic self-adjusting dose delivery aimed for use with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. RFID readers may be used for identity tags. Telephone intervention is also said to be ruled out because data is safely and securely stored in the handset and automatically transmitted to mobile phones, with remote use becoming possible.

Designed for yielding reliability as well as traceability ahead of actual shipping, the firm claims the product’s delivery and recording of medication will rule out tampering. It reports customers can also devise real-time digital audits.

The firm reported the venture is backed by private investor finance as well as grant funding from the ACT Government. This followed a wide range of tests and field demonstrations in Australian eastern seaboard locations, with the product’s quality system based on the Australian Standards ISO 9000 series quality control standards.

Recorded data links from one cloud based management system to another is envisaged.


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