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Animals Australia launches new tongue in cheek egg campaign [video]

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Animal welfare group, Animals Australia has released a set of videos that encourage consumers to purchase cage free eggs with the help of high profile comedians including Arj Barker, Peter Rowsthorn of Kath and Kim fame, Mick Malloy and Carl Barron.

Titled ‘How to treat a lady’, the videos take a tongue in cheek approach to discussing the realities behind battery egg production, stating that keeping a hen couped up in a tiny cage ‘ain’t no way to treat a lady’.

“I like to treat them right, take my ladies out,” says Arj Barker while stroking a ukulele. “You know if you love something, set it free… You got to give the ladies space.”

“Who wants to be cooped up in such a tiny environment for their entire lives?” says Rowsthorn. “Think about if you got caught on a really crowded train and the doors shut, and there you were, for the rest of your life. That’s not good – what if the person next to you was a knob?”

Taking a more serious tone, the video’s voiceover states that most eggs in Australia are laid by hens confined to battery cages.

“Choose kindly and help make caged eggs history,” the voiceover says.

Last year supermarket giant Woolworths announced that it will be phasing out caged eggs as part of a new partnership with British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.

The move angered the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) who stated that many farmers converted to new cage systems only five years ago which were then fully compliant with industry standards.

President of the VFF’s egg group, Brian Ahmed said that he doubts that farmers will receive any compensation to move away from caged systems.  

“We want to all go free range but it's costly. They are going to take away a good protein source from consumers that can't afford it," he said at the time.

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