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Kale’s superfood status leads to worldwide shortage

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The ever increasing popularity of kale has resulted in a worldwide shortage according to one of the world’s largest seed suppliers.

Tony Hubbard from Netherlands based Bejo Seeds says that he has seen individual seed varieties increase in popularity of the years, but nothing compares to the boom in demand for kale, ABC News reports.

"You could describe it as embarrassing to us, but it's just one of those things that's happened on a global basis," said Hubbard.

"It's caught us out well and truly, we put our hands up to that."

The head of Coles supermarkets fresh produce division, Brad Gorman said that the popularity of the cruciferous vegetable has taken the supermarket by surprise.

"Kale's growth has been off the charts. It is by far our fastest growing product," he said.

"Kale's been (popular) for three years and for a product to be growing at this rate after that amount of time I think is almost unprecedented."

Image: veganyumminess.com

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