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Tasmanian wine industry to get a makeover

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The Tasmanian wine industry has commissioned advertising executive, Guy Taylor to evaluate the state’s wine brand as the industry gears up for increased production over the coming years.

New irrigation schemes within Tasmania will expand the availability of land suitable for viticulture, and together with the increased demand for cool climate wines, Taylor says Tasmania’s wine industry is looking to thrive,ABC rural reports.

Taylor’s job will be to evaluate the brand reputation of the Tasmanian wine industry with a view to grow the market in line the increased supply. He said that a key part of strategy will be to focus on the consumer rather than “the cognoscenti”.

"It's in a fantastic place, it's quite boutique with a very small number of very big players.

"It's in a fantastic place for evolution", said Taylor.

"I think the Tasmanian brand is going to be much more driven by emotional, experiential connection rather than the oenological lexicon that is used to describe wine, virtually everywhere else in the world".

Taylor said that the use of technical language in relation to wine has a tendency to do more harm than good when it comes to the average consumer.

"The most common thing we heard, was that language tends to push people away from the purchase, rather than inviting them into the product.

"It was language developed for the cognoscenti not the consumer".

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