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Tassie grass fed beef approved for US

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Tasmanian meat processor HW Greenham & Sons started a program over 18 months ago to meet the growing demand for antibiotic free, grass-fed beef in the US.

The Never Ever program requires all participating producers to register with HW Greenham & Sons, ensuring that precise records and all animal treatment data for the lifetime of the animal is documented, The Weekly Times Now reports.

Managing director of HW Greenham & Sons, Peter Greenham said that these strict records must be kept to ensure that the animals meet grass-fed standards by not ingesting hormone growth promotants or antibiotics.

"They have strict labelling laws in the US and an audited program has to be implemented to get access to the market," said Greeham.

The program also has broader weight and grade specifications which allow four-tooth heifers and streers weighting from 200-360kg carcass weight to be sold without penalty.

Cattle producer, Andrew Kay of Circular Head joined the program 12 months ago and said that it has given him more flexibility and the opportunity to increase profit. 

"If the cattle were 345 to 350kg it would put it back to a Japanese Ox price (with penalties), but now that gap is filled by the Never Ever program," he said.

Image: USDAgov via photopin cc

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