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Wine Tasmania to boost interstate profile with industry tour

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Wine Tasmania has announced that it will be looking to host up to 10 key industry figures from around Australia on a two day tour as part of an initiative designed to showcase the local wine offering.

The tour which will take place in June, is designed to boost the profile of Tasmania’s premium wine offering in the hope that both interstate restaurants and retailers will showcase the state’s drops, ABC News reports.

CEO of Wine Tasmania, Sheralee Davis says that Tasmania's climate provides the state with a unique advantage when it comes to wine making and that the price point of Tasmania's wines reflect the state's high standards of production.

“Here in Tasmania we have natural advantages as far as our climate is concerned, we produce wines that are of extraordinary quality,” said Davis.

"The quality that you produce is very much, I guess, the foundation for the price point that you have."

Although demand for Tasmanian wines is currently outweighing supply, Davis is confident that the state will soon be able to increase production.

"We will certainly be able to increase our volume but it won't be at the expense of quality," she said.

Wine Tasmania is currently accepting applications for the June tour.

photo credit: Dave Dugdale via photopin cc

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