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AllightSykes -Not to be sniffed at


New to the AllightSykes range of Sykes pumps, the SW has been specifically designed for sewer and waste water applications.

The patent-pending SW range is capable of pumping large solids up to 100mm. It chops and shred debris, rope, and other stringy materials that normally partially or fully clog pumps.

The SW pump range boasts an array of new and exciting features to ensure optimum pump performance in times of need. To test and prove the SW design elements, Sykes Pumps have carried out extensive field trials with various water authorities with excellent results and feedback.

The SW features the ability to reset the wear plates and impeller clearances to the required gap and maintain the optimum pump performance without having to replace wear parts.

It’s shredder claw is designed to cut and shred stringy and similar material that would normally wrap around the impeller and clog the pump.

The front Wear Plate has cutting pockets machined into the front face to create a cutting action with the impeller. Inspection insert designed to allow easy access to volute chamber enhancing maintenance and repair activity.

Optional extras include sound-attenuated acoustic canopies, road registrable trailers, heavy duty skid base, remote pump monitoring, increased fuel capacities and fuel tank bunding.

The Sykes brand (which is known as Primax in some world markets) has been a major force in world pump markets for over 40 years. Much of its success has stemmed from its priming systems which improve fluid handling efficiencies and greatly reduce maintenance requirements. 

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