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Approved arrangements for livestock exporters now in effect

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, today announced that all livestock exporters can now apply for an approved arrangement to reduce red tape and streamline paperwork associated with the preparation of animals on Australian shores prior to export.

The new move will reduce government charges to exporters by up to 30 per cent, without resulting in any deterioration in our world leading animal welfare standards.

Minister Joyce said approved arrangements applied only to on-shore activities conducted within Australia and did not change existing Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) requirements in any way.

“An approved arrangement is an agreement between my department and a livestock exporter that allows a more efficient export certification process. This initiative will remove the need for exporters to repeatedly submit the same paperwork for each consignment, reduce the time to export and simplify processes for exporters,” Minister Joyce said.

“Streamlining export certification processes through an approved arrangement will reduce government charges to exporters by about one-third, making our $1.6 billion live export industry more competitive and delivering better returns at the farmgate.

“This is another example of the Australian Government delivering on its commitment to improve performance efficiency and reduce the regulatory burden in export certification.”

Minister Joyce said under approved arrangements, exporters would still need to meet all Australian Government requirements for the export certification of livestock, including the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock and the requirements of importing countries. Animals will still be inspected by the department’s veterinary officers before each shipment.

“The livestock export trade isn’t just about ESCAS. It’s also about Australian exporters preparing quality consignments that meet the requirements of importing countries, while ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare during preparation in Australia,” he said.

“Smarter regulation through approved arrangements will allow both exporters and the government to focus greater attention, effort and resources on continuing our leadership in global animal welfare standards and the supply of the highest quality and most sustainably produced livestock in the world.”

Approved arrangements are already in place for other major agricultural commodity exports such as meat and dairy.

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