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CropLife Asia Presents on Counterfeits & Role of Vessel Companies

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A workshop convened by the International Trademark Association (INTA) and International Chamber of Commerce Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) commenced today in Singapore for a discussion on the counterfeiting and piracy issues that plague Asia.

Lawrence Yu, Chairman of CropLife Asia's Anti-Counterfeit Committee, joined key decision-makers and stakeholders from the region in highlighting various anti-counterfeiting efforts. He also participated in a panel discussion focused on the need for collaboration among multiple parties in stopping the flow of illicit goods across borders.

"Singapore's port is central to its success, economic vitality and future, but how vulnerable is it to counterfeits and is there more that vessel companies can and should be doing?" asked Yu. "As a global leader with extraordinary volume and traffic passing through the port every day, the stakes for Singapore are high. The partnership among Customs, our nation's police force, brand owners, and vessel companies is vital in ensuring a unified front against the flow and trade of counterfeits - and in protecting the integrity of our port from their impact."

The American Association of Port Authorities ranked Singapore the world's 2nd busiest port in 2014, and recent statistics from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore showed that the port processed nearly 5.8m tonnes of cargo last year.

In addition to the numerous panel discussions and presentations, the INTA-BASCAP workshop presented findings on best practices addressing the sale of counterfeits as well. The panel in which CropLife Asia participated focused on the roles of rights holders, intermediary representatives and government officials as well as the challenges companies face and the steps necessary to stop the criminal presence within the supply chain.

The presence of counterfeits within the supply chain is a key concern for the region's agriculture industry and other stakeholders due to its impact on food security. While the ASEAN region is widely recognized as the food basket of Asia as well as a major food exporter, area farmers are vulnerable to counterfeits - often purchasing and using counterfeit seeds and crop protection products unknowingly. These items can pose a threat to growers, consumers and the environment.

The one-day INTA-BASCAP workshop was held at Singapore's Fairmont Hotel and provided stakeholders with an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities for greater cooperation and innovative solutions with the issue of counterfeiting and piracy.

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