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EDUR DAF Pump System

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The EDUR LBU multiphase pump is a multi-stage centrifugal pump with the unique capability of being able to pump a liquid/gas mixture.

The pump is constructed of either CI/Bz/SS, Nodular Cast Iron, All-Bronze, Stainless Steel, or Super-Duplex Stainless Steel construction, so may be used to handle a variety of liquids.

Air, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Ozone gases can be introduced into the suction line and transported and used to mix or disperse the gases. This makes the pump ideal for DAF plants, where the multiphase pumps provide the task of air saturation without the use of compressed air (no compressor, air saturation tank or associated controls).


  • - improvement in energy consumption [because they are not running compressors]
  • - a vast improvement in maintenance costs
  • - there is no pressure vessel to continually certify
  • - no compressor to maintain
  • - no more complicated control system to operate

This system is expected to suit municipalities for waste water treatment as well as food process, paper process and other industrial applications that the DAF systems are found.

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