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OBE Organic Sees Mums as Key to Winning in Middle East

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OBE Organic will be exhibiting at the upcoming Gulfood trade show in Dubai, UAE. Over 90,000 buyers come to Gulfood to deliver the widest selection of food & beverage choice in 160 countries.

At the show, OBE Organic will showcase its USDA & NASAA Certified Organic beef that is grass-fed and halal certified. OBE offers fresh, chilled beef and frozen trim programs available to grocery retailers, butcheries, restaurants and food service in the Middle East.

According to OBE's General Manager Dalene Wray, OBE just conducted consumer research in the UAE that uncovered many of the people buying its organic beef are health-conscious mums.

"We learned that expats and nationals, Muslims and non-Muslims alike all want what's best for their families; eating natural and organic foods are starting to become more convenient and more of a priority; we intend to keep leading the charge for other Australian food companies as we see this market as ripe for opportunity" Wray said.

"We are excited to respond the growing demand for organic food, like beef, in the region, as well as step up the quality of beef options available in supermarket meat departments."

A testament to the brand's foresight into the needs of the marketplace, OBE's research indicates that educated, health-conscious consumers not only want good-tasting beef, but they also want to know a bit about where the cattle come from and who the farmers are.

Carrefour in the UAE has been stocking OBE for nearly four years and have been successful at attracting a variety of consumers. The brand expects many other retailers to follow as they are seeking to meet the increasing demand for natural and organic food.

"Coming from Australia where a lot of food companies are producing natural, organic and halal certified products, we're happy to share our success story and promote the market as a great place for other Australian companies to do business." 

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