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Shepard avocados set to hit shelves

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The Shepard avocado season is upon us and consumers can start to enjoy them as they hit the shelves en masse at local stores this month, according to peak industry body, Avocados Australia. 

Shepard avocados are a variety of "greenskins" -their skins stays green as they ripen rather than darkening to a purple-black like the Hass variety.

Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said this year's crop is expected to be an absolute cracker, with an estimated 1.7 million trays from North and Central Queensland, up on last year's 1.1 million trays.

"Australians are the highest avocado consumers in the English-speaking world, eating around 3.2kg of the fruit each year."

"Australia's avocado industry is growing each year and we're focusing on producing premium avocados to match the country's high consumer demand," he said.

Shepard grower and Avocados Australia Chairman Jim Kochi said the best thing about the Shepard variety is that if a fruit looks great on the outside, it will be great on the inside.

"Sheps have that lovely shiny green skin and are more elongated in shape with a teardrop-shaped seed," Mr Kochi said.

"They have a lovely smooth, buttery texture with a nutty flavour and are a great introduction for those who have never tried avocados before." Mr Kochi said.

Unlike Hass avocadoes, the flesh of a Shepard avocado does not go brown once it's cut. This means they stay brighter in salads and sandwiches for longer. 

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