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Suns shines bright for ACT sheep

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Mugga Lane Solar Park – an area of around 46 hectares at the intersection of Mugga Lane and Monaro Highway in the ACT is looking for 100-150 head of sheep.

According to www.reneweconomy.com.au, the owners of the solar park, which began generating power in mid-November, will provide and maintain fencing, two water troughs and a small holding paddock with all-weather accessibility.

Maoneng’s Shaun Curran said the deal, which would be a quid pro quo “cost neutral” affair, would provide a local farmer or community group with free and secure grazing, while for the Solar Farm, it would provide free lawn mowing and reduce the site’s fire risk.

“We are hoping to add to the sustainability of utility-scale solar PV by proving that sheep grazing can be successfully integrated into the operation of the facility,” Curran told One Step Off The Grid on Friday.

“We have had interest from three or four interested parties, we will assess those expressions of interest and hope to make a decision in the new year, ” he told www.reneweconomy.com.au. 

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