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Quality water cartages from A.F.P.T Fibrefurn

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A.F.P.T Fibrefurn  based in West Australia, is specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing quality water cartages and fibreglass tanks. The firm started producing fibre furn tanks since 1969. A.F.P.T Fibrefurn builds durable tanks, with quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:1994.

The fibreglass or glass reinforced plastic used in the tanks manufactured by A.F.P.T Fibrefurn posses a high ratio of mechanical strength to weight, resistance to weathering, moulds and micro-organisms, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, has low electrical and thermal conductivity. These tanks can be manufactured to resist several chemicals used today.

A.F.P.T Fibrefurn assists customers in building a tank according to their requirement for the storage or transport of liquids. Different fibre furn products from A.F.P.T Fibrefurn are water storage tanks, water cartage tanks, chemical spray tanks, sheep troughs, fuel storage tanks, combination tank and troughs, food cartage tanks, fuel cartage tanks, chemical storage tanks and tanks for fire fighting units.

A.F.P.T Fibrefurn is a West Australian owned and operated business that also provides polyurethane products. At A.F.P.T Fibrefurn customers can find both temporary protective coating and polyurethane coating. Putties are available based on customer specification for bonding, fairing and lightweight applications.

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