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Rigid polyurethane foams from A.F.P.T Fibrefurn

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A.F.P.T Fibrefurn  is a well-known firm in manufacturing rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) in Australia. Currently A.F.P.T Fibrefurn stocks foams to a density of 200 kilo gram per metre cubed along with onsite foam filling capabilities. customers can visit the official website for future information on a specific product.

The standard foaming system from A.F.P.T Fibrefurn is a non-CFC polyol blend mixed with Diphenylmethane Diisoncyanate (MDI) which is used for moulding, packaging, insulation and other void-filling and block requirements. The firm manufactures A.F.P.T Fibrefurn that meets Australian Standard 1366.1-1992 a rigid cellular sheets for thermal insulation as a benchmark for manufacture.

A.F.P.T Fibrefurn focuses in providing quality products to its customer and the consistency to exceed its customer requirements with a friendly customer service. The rigid polyurethane foam with 35 kilogram metre cubed from A.F.P.T Fibrefurn has been approved by department of transport for use in buoyancy applications.

A.F.P.T Fibrefurn is also involved in several pipe insulation projects both in Western Australia and interstate. With its plant, the WINTECH profile cutting fast wire saw that supports the accurate cutting of pipe section, saving the contractor time and money. The firm can produce pipe section in any density and size.

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