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DHOW Barley from ABB Grain: Highly Sought After Mid to Late, Semi-Dwarf, Short-Strawed, Malting Barley

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CCN resistant malting barley (domestic), Straw strength superior to most malting varieties, Semi-dwarf “Skiff” type with mid to late season maturity, Superior grain size and lower screenings compared to most other malting varieties, Very high malt extract levels making it keenly sought by domestic malsters.

Variety Overview

Dhow Barley from ABB Grain is a mid to late maturing, semi dwarf, short-strawed, malting barley with a high malt extract suited to low and mid strength beer production and is keenly sought by the local malsters and brewers. Its main

agronomic advantage is CCN resistance, compared to Schooner and Sloop, and better straw strength.


Height - semi-dwarf, similar to Skiff; shorter than Gairdner; Much shorter than Schooner and Sloop

Lodging - stiff straw, similar to Skiff; better than Sloop; much better than Schooner

Head Loss - low, short peduncle; better than Sloop; much better than Schooner

Maturity - moderately late, similar to Gairdner, later than Schooner or Sloop


Dhow was bred by staff of Adelaide University and SARDI in the South Australian Barley Improvement Program within the Malting Barley Quality Improvement Program.

Pedigree: W12808//Skiff/haruna nijo 9


Dhow has a moderate tolerance to Cereal Cyst Nematode (CCN) and moderate resistance against net blotch (net form) but is moderately susceptible to leaf scald, powdery mildew and leaf rust and susceptible to net blotch (spot form).

Dhow has a higher level of resistance to CCN. In comparison all other malting barley varieties are susceptible.

Dhow has a short plump grain of moderate size with a crinkled husk which requires care during harvest. It also has a lower hectolitre weight than other malting varieties and special receival standards may apply.

Husk retention - Dhow has a thin husk (hence its high malt extract), which is characteristically crinkled and “loose fitting”.

Care is needed at harvest for commercial growers to prevent skinning. Post harvest grain handling needs be to minimised. Dhow may be well suited to direct contracts between producers and users for this reason.

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