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Flagship, High Performance Grain in Low Rainfall

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ABB Grain presents: A new malting barley developed for Southern Australia by the University of Adelaide through the Malting Barley Quality Improvement Program

Flagship Performance

Flagship exhibits excellent adaptation in the low to medium rainfall environments across the southern Australian cereal production zones. In comparison to the current benchmark varieties Schooner and Sloop, Flagship offers improved grain yield, disease resistance, and a major improvement in malting quality.

Grain Yield

Flagship has demonstrated a consistent 7% yield advantage over Schooner across South Australia. In National collaborative trials the yield advantage of Flagship has ranged from 7% in 2003, to 13% in 2001.

Agronomic Profile

Flagship is a tall, early to mid season maturity variety, similar in plant type to Schooner and Sloop. Flagship exhibits excellent early vigour and weed competition, however it is relatively intolerant of toxic subsoil boron. Flagship has modest straw strength, with lodging resistance similar to Schooner.

Flagship is free threshing and has good resistance to head loss, significantly better than Schooner. The physical grain quality of Flagship has been evaluated extensively. Flagship closely matches the very good physical grain quality of Schooner and Sloop across a wide range of sites and seasons.

Disease Resistance Profile

Flagship represents a significant improvement in disease resistance compared to the current benchmark varieties in the target environments.

Quality Profile

Flagship exhibits an outstanding malting quality profile, representing a significant improvement over all established Australian barley varieties, and at least equivalent to the current elite European and Canadian varieties. The very high diastatic power and fermentability of Flagship makes it unsuitable for Australian domestic brewing, but ideally suited to the high volume premium export markets across South East Asia.

Export Consortium using the Carlton United Breweries plant. A 100L small-scale trial was performed using 25% rice adjunct to approximate the typical brewing systems used in South East Asia. Flagship was shown to be free of any processing defects, performing well in milling and mashing, lautering, and fermentation processes. Flagship produced wort with good clarity and final beer free of defects or off flavours. Copies of the BEC report are available upon request.

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