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Single and three phase rotating equipment from AC Hargreaves & Co

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AC Hargreaves & Co  offers single phase and three phase rotating equipment suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Established in 1953, AC Hargreaves & Co is a Queensland-owned company that specialises in the electric motor repair industry.

The different types of three phase rotating equipment from AC Hargreaves & Co include air movement motors, blower motors, coolant pump motors, compressor motors, cement mixer motors, conveyor motors, drip proof motors, evaporative cooler motors, external rotor motors, pool pumps, magnetic bases, sub fractional motors, shaded pole motors, submersible pumps, vacuum motors and enclosed fan units. Repair and modification services from the company include removal of mounting feet and supplying and fitting of encoders and electric brakes. Modifications for external cooling for VSD applications and fittings of overload protection are also carried out by A.C. Hargreaves & Co.

A.C. Hargreaves & Co also provides vacuum motors for a large range of applications. The 145mm Diameter Thru-Flow Vacuum Motor can be used with canister vacuums, utility vacuums, therapeutic spas and light duty dry commercial vacuums. The 145mm Diameter Bypass Vacuum Motor can be utilised in applications requiring separation of vacuum and motor ventilation air.

A.C. Hargreaves & Co has years of experience in repairing products such as AC / DC motors, alternators, transformers, pool pumps, submersible pumps, brake coils and associated equipment. The company also provides on-site balancing, condition monitoring and DLA Testing.

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