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Liners storage systems from ACUS

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ACUS  are suppliers of quality liners and membranes made to fit the liquid storage system (tank) correctly. These liners are flexible and are field-proven. Liners differ in tanks used to store a variety of liquids. Liners are made to store alkaline, cyanide, effluent, volatile acids, petroleum products, waste water through to clean potable water.

The tanks with quality liners can also have fitted insect and vermin proofing to ensure clean drinking water and ensure a clean liner. ACUS distributes and installs liners and membranes all over Western Australia to meet customer specific needs.

The membranes can be used for dams and other applications. Liners are manufactured by ACUS group using nylex membrane materials like aeon XOL, aeon XOR, aeon PTL, aeon PTR, PVC, polypropylene, XL-PVC geomembranes, formula one geomembranes and millennium geomembranes. The liners and membranes from ACUS can be used for dams, landfill caps.

The liners and membranes can also be used as soil barriers, floating covers, biogas covers, tunnel lining, mine dams etc. It can also be used in waste water treatment plants, concrete tank liners and steel tank liners. ACUS also manufactures trampolines based on customer designs and specific requirements. At ACUS, trampolines are available with galvanised steel frames, mats, protection pads and springs.

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