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ACUS  designs and constructs cost effective and safe storage tanks ideal for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. ACUS can design and construct oil storage tanks and provide project management. Product range available from ACUS includes boiler feed water tanks, water tanks, oil tanks and fire water tanks suitable for various industrial application.

ACUS also offers assistance for clients by designing the product according to customer requirement. ACUS provides both liners and membranes for every specific need given by clients. The firm also provides domestic water tanks for rural blocks and farm application. ACUS uses the advanced technologies in designing and constructing water storage systems that are tried, tested and proven in the field in harsh conditions.

Design engineers with over 15 years of experience are involved in designing and constructing safe storage up to 4,500,000 litres of clean water. ACUS tanks are safe even in earthquake-prone, cyclone areas. These tanks are rated with AS 1170.4-.2 - 1993 standards.

ACUS tanks are protected against soil induced corrosion using their magnesium alloy sacrificial anode system complying with AS 2239 - 1993 standards. ACUS tanks are designed to give a longer life. ACUS tanks are made to the highest engineering standards.

The presence of anode feature in ACUS tanks provides protection against soil induced corrosion. The anode system will prevent corrosion indefinitely depending on climatic condition. According to ACUS faulty anode system can allow corrosion.

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