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Wastewater treatment systems from ACUS

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ACUS  provides a range of wastewater treatment systems manufactured by Hiclear. These wastewater systems are engineered to meet stringent international regulatory requirements of quality and efficiency. These systems are reliable as they treat sewage problems while being economical, compact and low-maintenance. These on-site wastewater treatment systems are designed to handle waste flow from small kitchens to large shopping centres.

The different systems provided by ACUS are the N-Series systems, Grease Traps, AC Series, A Series and many more. The N-series system from ACUS is a basic wastewater treatment system that uses anaerobic methods for pre-treatments. N-series systems are ideal for domestic, school and small office applications. The system capacity of the N-series is 1.3 - 24 metre cubed, with a Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of 60ppm.

Grease Traps are commonly used to separate grease and oil from sewerage. These systems can be used in food processing plants, restaurants, kitchens, canteens and kiosks. The DC Series system from ACUS contains anaerobic filtration features along with aeration and return sludge processes. These features enable the system to achieve high effluent quality. It is ideally used in domestic and commercial units, petrol stations, restaurants and factory applications.

The AC Series from ACUS is a contact aeration system used in schools, offices, factories and domestic applications.

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