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Add-G-Tator fertigation systems available now from ADDS Up Engineering

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article image 5400L Add-G-Tator fertigation system with operator platform

Available now from ADDS UP Engineering , the Add-G-Tator fertigation system with mechanical agitation is an efficient and consistent flow injection system available in two capacities, 5400L and 2000L.

Manufactured with a strong galvanised steel base with fork lifting capabilities and all stainless steel components, the Add-G-Tator fertigaton system features efficient mechanical agitation and a highly beneficial spherically shaped tank bottom.

The 5400L tank fertigation systems have variable frequency drive units fitted to the agitation to allow for maximum aggressive agitation for non-dissolving, or minimum agitation of soluble, products or chemicals.

These fertigation systems feature industrial pump injection for high pressures with the ability to pump slurries and abrasives. There are a range of pumps available for the Add-G-Tator fertigation system, each with variable flow speeds but capable of the same high injection pressures and of running dry without damage.

The 5400L Add-G-Tator fertigation unit also now has an operators’ platform as an optional extra, complete with steps and hand railings for safety. It also features a lockable enclosed VFD control box for security. Overhead work lights have also been installed on some units making them a totally self-contained module for fertigation.

Ideal for installation on broad acre and turf farms, orchards, centre pivots, boom irrigators, and hot houses, Add-G-Tator agitator fertigation tanks have been in manufacture for five years and ADDS Up Engineering now sell over 200 units of various designs nationwide.

ADDS Up Engineering's agitator fertigation units have a unique tank shape that allows for easy agitation and they company can specially manufacture designs to suit individual customers requirements.

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