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The Good Bull Guide from ADHIS; helping to improve Australia's dairy herds

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The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS ) is working to provide Australian dairy farmers with a comprehensive and reliable database of active breeding bulls to enable the comparison of desirable traits.  

The ADHIS has a database of Holstein, Jersey, Red Breeds Group, Guernsey and Brown Swiss breeds both Australian and International.  This database can easily be accessed online, and is also published twice annually as the Good Bulls Guide, which ranks available bulls by common breeding objectives.

Genetics play a vital part in improving productivity.  Better genetics means cows that produce more milk and last longer in the herd. Every selection made will have a lasting impact on the herd. By using the ADHIS database farmers can confidently choose suitable semen from semen resellers and farmers around the world.

ADHIS is currently carrying out its workability data collection and is calling for dairy farmers to inform the database about the cows that they do and don’t like.  For example ADHIS is interested in knowing about temperament, workability, likeability and milking speed in order to compile Australian Breeding Values (ABVs).  

According to ADHIS, bulls with high likeability ABVs have been found to sire daughters that are more likely to stay with a herd for longer.  By compiling this data from farmers that herd record all dairy farmers will benefit from being able to choose preferable bulls and semen at breeding time.  

ADHIS is an initiative of Australian Dairy Farmers’, that is partially funded by dairy farmer levies via Dairy Australia.  Visit the website to access the database, keep up to date with initiatives and developments as well as to find out more information about using the database.

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