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Suffolk sheep from Abrona

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Abrona  provides genetically modified Suffolk sheep stubs with adaptable features to grow in both wet and dry conditions of weather. The Suffolk stud originated along with Broughton Lodge ewes and Tonkara ram. Abrona was established in 1994. The Suffolk stud, flock number 1956, was established 1994.

Later Elite Allendale ewes were added to the flock in the following year and Abrona has continued to introduce genetically advanced sires of sound conformation to other studs from Abrona. Regarding the progeny, Abrona has a lambplan recorded that can be used to select the trueness to type and growth rate, eye muscle and leanness scores.

Suffolks sheep stubs were first developed in England, in the early 19th Century by crossing Southdown and Norfolk Horn sheep. The target was to combine the superior meat qualities of these sheep into the one breed. Later in 1859, the breed was fixed with the first known flock arriving in Australia in 1904.

The advantages of Suffolks sheep are, it shows immunity to foot diseases, it is very much adaptable to wet or dry conditions, it is resistant to fly strike due to clean faces, crutch and points. The Suffolks sheep stubs lamb carcass is a choice lean meat with a sweet taste, lambs are very strong at birth.

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