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White Suffolk sheep stubs from Abrona

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The ‘Australian white Suffolk’ from Abrona , is an Australian breed developed for Australian conditions. Abrona provides genetically modified white Suffolk sheep noted for their high quality, white, and downs type wool. The Abrona white Suffolk stud selects genetically dominant sheep that is true to the Suffolk type with white points. Abrona white Suffolk stud is a seed stock stud for PLG (Prime Lamb Genetics) super sires.

The firm ensures maximum genetic gains through lambplan recording and the continued purchase of elite sires and semen from elite rams. Breeding pure Suffolks to a white meat breed like Poll Dorset or Border Leister generated the White Suffolk breed. Subsequent mating of Suffolks and the white progeny of these crosses has resulted in a Suffolk type of sheep with white points rather than black.

White Suffolks are ideal prime lamb terminal sire in wide-ranging areas and environments of Australia. It can live in the dry, arid, pastoral zones and all types of agricultural, mixed farming areas and even in high rainfall districts. These white Suffolks have a clean face. They can be mated at any time during the year. White Suffolks from Abrona show immunity to foot diseases and they are resistant to fly strike due to clean faces, crutch and points.

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