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Nutritional products for quality crops from Acadian Agritech

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Acadian Agritech  provides Acadian, a pure extract made from Ascophyllum nodosum (marine plant) used to improve overall plant health, nutrition and quality when used as part of a standard crop management program. Acadian Agritech provides science based solutions for agricultural industries.

Acadian Agritech is a science based firm providing innovative solutions for agricultural industries. Acadian is being used across the world. Acadian contains a multitude of naturally occurring compounds that can influence various plant biochemical processes. This leads to enhance protein and enzyme synthesis.

It can also improve cell water retention and membrane integrity. Acadian is fabricated with fresh seaweed and a low heat, non-pressurized process to maximise the transfer of beneficial compounds from the seaweed to the extract.

Several research and field analysis has proved that Acadian can increase crop stress and tolerance. It gives marketable yields and quality. Acadian provides resistance to select insects and diseases. Acadian can be applied to the roots or foliage of the plant. It is suggested that Acadian should be applied early in a crop’s production cycle, initially targeting the roots and later applied to the foliage. Repeated, low dose applications are optimal as opposed to fewer, high applications.

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