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Stimplex, a natural plant growth regulator from Acadian Agritech

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Plant science products from Acadian Agritech include Stimplex crop biostimulant, ideal to yield quality crops. Stimplex is a natural plant growth regulator (PGR). It is registered with the environmental protection agency (EPA) as a general crop biostimulant.

Stimplex from Acadian Agritech contains naturally occurring plant growth stimulatory compounds, complex matrix of elements like vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, organic acids, complexed minerals, macro nutrients, micro nutrients and plant growth biostimulants. Stimplex has the benefits of the premium marine plant Ascophyllum nodosum.

It is scientifically provides with various field tests that Stimplex can economically improve crop production and quality when used in conjunction with a standard crop management program. Stimplex can stimulate plant growth. In today’s increasingly competitive global agricultural industry, Stimplex advances a growers’ objective.

Stimplex helps in the development leading to improvements in terms of input efficiency, it improves uptake of crop inputs, gives healthy root system absorbs inputs more efficiently, healthy crops increase demand for inputs, delivery systems for nutrients. Stimplex can improve protein synthesis and production of plant enzymes.

Stimplex also improves leaf’s health, root development. It enhances production of defensive proteins and improves nutrient uptake and translocation. Stimplex generates peroxidase compounds to fortify plant against stress. Stimplex is designed to be incorporated into standard crop management programs like foliar sprays, impregnated on granular fertilizers etc.

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