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Acadian Agritech  has a highly equipped facility certified for Tasco product line production. Acadian Agritech targets the research-backed Tasco product and focuses on beef and dairy markets. Tasco is a natural product made from selectively harvested Ascophyllum nodosum that is processed and sun dried in a proprietary manner.

In general, Tasco is regarded as safe (GRAS) in animal feeds. For over 15 years Tasco was researched, and the observation was that feeding Tasco to livestock can improve production and producer profitability. Based on an extensive research conducted at Texas Tech University proved that Tasco increased the percentage of carcasses that graded prime, as Tasco was fed for 14 days near the beginning of the feeding period.

Tasco also improved immune response. Few commercial studies conducted with recently delivered starter cattle showed that Tasco improved health status of stressed cattle. Reports from several dairy producers’ shows minimal loss of dry matter intake and milk production, when Tasco was feed to the breeds in the TMR during heat stress. When Tasco was included in the diet of several species, including dairy cows, have shown reduced body temperatures.

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