Accuweigh sells more weighbridges in Australia than any other company. We have the right solutions in weighbridges, axle scales, wheel weigh pads and onboard weighing systems for fitting to trucks and trailers. We also supply transducer based weighing systems for fork lifts, loaders and excavators.


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04/02/15 - A CAS model FW500 waterproof scale was supplied to a public hospital north of Brisbane to weigh blood in an operating theatre during surgeries.
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04/02/15 - AccuWeigh has supplied and installed an industrial load cell constrainer kit for an engineering company.
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10/11/14 - Accuweigh has been supporting several charitable organisations in Australia since 2008 through its A Higher Cause charity initiative.
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10/11/14 - Accuweigh recently donated a sum of $500 to the Cancer Council of Australia as part of its A Higher Cause Initiative.
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