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Accuweigh’s Tank Weighing Scales Fitted To RTA Vehicle

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Tank Weighing Scales was recently fitted to a RTA line marketing vehicle in New South Wales. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Sydney branch, the Tank Weighing Scales are used to weigh the remaining mass of glass beads that are to be mixed with paint as it is being sprayed onto the road surface.

The Tank Weighing Scales use four heavy duty load cells rigidly mounted onto the rear of the tray to prevent tank movements from impacting on weighing accuracy when the truck passes over rough road surfaces. The glass beads are added to the paint to provide a high level of grip to prevent tyre slippage on the painted lines.

An Accuweigh IT1000 digital weight indicator generates the weight readings which are then converted into an analog 4-20mA signal and interfaced to an onboard PLC that monitors paint and glass bead levels. The IT1000’s stainless steel housing is fully sealed and rated to IP65 and is suitable for all basic weighing applications requiring a quality product that is highly unlikely to fail even when used in rough & tumble applications like this mobile Tank Weighing Scale.

Accuweigh has extensive industry experience in all types of industrial weighing applications and provides Superior Product Support through a network of eight branches across mainland states. With a diverse range of digital weight indicators available from basic scales up to Freely Programmable Weighing Terminals that are designed to cater for the needs of the most demanding industrial weighing applications, Accuweigh is your logical choice of service provider for all scales and weighing equipment.

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