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Accuwiegh supplies Tyre Washing System to Victorian landfill site

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A tyre washing system, supplied by Accuweigh , is currently being installed at a landfill site in Melbourne. The DTW-241 tyre and wheel washing system can wash the wheels, tyres and under-bodies of as many as 800 trucks a day.

The Tyre Washing System was supplied with additional shaker grids to distort tyre treads. This helps remove heavy foreign material before the trucks enter the tyre wash. Accuweigh’s DTW-241 tyre wash system doesn’t need an operator. The fully automatic wash operation is initiated by vehicle entry into the tyre wash.

Accuweigh’s tyre washing systems are fitted with a sludge removal scraper which continuously disposes of collected sludge from the bottom of the holding tank. The sludge is then conveyed from a disposal chute fitted at working height above the tyre wash and disposed of directly into an external vessel.

Accuweigh offers a wide range of truck tyre washing systems. There are basic wheel wash baths that comply with minimal wheel washing requirements and also, at the other end of the range, there are fully automatic and self cleaning wheel, underbody and tyre washing systems.

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