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Accuweigh specialise in the manufacturing, supply and installation of automatic bagging machines as well as automated bagging lines for all products.

Automatic Bagging Machines - Form-Fill-Seal (FFS)
  • Form-Fill-Seal machines are uses to process materials such as liquids, granules, powders and spray for consumers, bulk orders as well as original equipment manufacturer supply shipments
  • Materials that are being packaged include containers, blister packs, bottles and jars, cartons, cans, tubes and vials. There are quite a few ways to secure packages, this includes caps and lids, corks, glue, heat seals, nails and staples, tapes, tucks and folds, wrappers, and tamper-resistant materials
Automatic Bagging Machines - Gross Weighing
The Gross Bagging Machine is able to fill and weigh the bag at the same time with four essential types of filling operations offered, dependant on your product:
  • Gravity Feed
  • Screw Feed
  • Conveyor Feed
  • Vibratory Feed
Automatic Bagging Machines - Net Weighing
The net weigher machines permits the manufactured goods to be weighed before being discharged into a bag with two types of machines available:
  • Single Net Weigher (one weigh hopper)
  • Dual Net Weigher (two weigh hoppers)
Automatic Bagging Machines - PE Bag
  • An assortment of granular and powdery products such as gardening soil, gravel and fertilizer are packed in PE bags automatically
  • Bag feed, set volume filling, bag seal and discharge are controlled purely by pushbuttons
  • The condensed machine with small footprint also improves working environment and saves labour
Automatic Bagging Machines - Special
  • The Special Automatic Bagging Machine is allows for simple operation, elimination of hard work, improvement of work efficiency
  • The folders are easy to use, just position the filled bag, and the machine will do the rest.  Folding, once heavy work, is now an easy job

Automatic bagging machines from Accuweight are the ideal solution for all your industrial bagging requirements.

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