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Salter Hanging Scales Weighing products On MasterChef in WA

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Salter Hanging Scales were used on Channel 10’s MasterChefseries recently filmed in Western Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Willettonbranch in Perth, the Salter Hanging Scales were used for general ingredientsused during the cooking show.

Salter’s 235-10X Hanging Scales were supplied in a 200kgcapacity with increments of 0.5kg and ideal for portable weighing applications.Fitted with a large and easy to read clock-face dial of 254mm diameter, theseSalter Hanging Scales are housed in a robust diecast case that readily copeswith the occasional knocks and bumps a portable scale receives.

The low friction bearings used in the Salter Hanging Scale’sindicator spindle provides positive movement for maximum weighing sensitivityand accuracy. The manually operated Zero adjustment screw provides up to 10% ofweighing capacity for the zero range to allow suspended containers and hooks tobe readily counterbalanced to display net weight readings.

George Salter & Co was started in England in 1760 withthe manufacture of pocket steelyard scales and Salter Scales are distributed toover 100 countries world-wide ensuring Salter is one of the world’s mostrecognised brands of scales.

Accuweigh has extensive industry experience in all forms ofscales and weighing equipment. All products sold by Accuweigh are fully backedby eight sales and service branches across mainland states providing SuperiorProduct Support.

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