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Flush diverters and pump covers from Action Tanks

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Action Tanks  provides a comprehensive range of tank accessories including flush diverters, child safe inserts, pumps and pump covers. Flush diverters have been specifically designed for diverting about 20 litres of contaminated water. This operation enables to improve the drinking water quality. Flush diverters from Action Tanks can be automatically reset after the occurrence of rainfall. These diverters have been concealed within the rainwater tanks and suitable for tanks comprising of circular inlet strainers. Flush diverters from Action Tanks can be used for the protection of copper pipes and plumbing fittings.

Child safe inserts from Action Tanks function by acting as a child safe barrier. These inserts prevent children from accessing the internal parts of the tank as well as water present in these tanks. Pumps supplied by Action Tanks include brands such as Onga and Bianco. Pumps covers have been specifically developed for protecting the pump from various external elements. These covers also enhance the durability of rainwater tanks. Pump covers from Action Tanks are available in two different models. PC100 series of pump covers possess length, width and height averaging to 485 millimetres, 345 millimetres and 410 millimetres.

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