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Hot water taps fittings from Advanced Eco Technologies

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Advanced Eco Technologies  offers a wide range of water saving products. Advanced Eco Technologies provides EcoVerta mixa which includes the unique technology of EcoVerta. EcoVerta mixa with extended features is offered to meet special demands of tapware like single lever mixer type. EcoVerta mixa’s specialised features enable any single unit to provide multiple outlets including laundry and kitchen, second bathroom, bath, shower and hand basin.

EcoVerta Protecta offered by Advanced Eco Technologies is an extended product of EcoVerta Mixa which provides upper temperature limit and consists of a flow control. EcoVerta Protecta is designed to eliminate the possibilities of scalding for users including young and elderly.

The EcoVerta series of quality products from Advanced Eco Technologies are Australian designed and free from maintenance. The EcoVerta protecta provides scalding protection, combined water saving and comfort systems for bathroom, commercial property, care facility or institution.

The EcoVerta Protecta from Advanced Eco Technologies has all the features of EcoVerta Mixa plus flow and temperature control. EcoVerta protecta is used for various applications like hospitals, homes, schools, care facilities and marine sectors where risk of scalding is seen, where a ring main hot water system is not poorly designed and fitted.

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