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Dental equipment from Advanced Equine Dentistry

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Advanced Equine Dentistry  specialises in veterinary dental practice. Advanced Equine Dentistry offers equipment for dental service which includes PowerLite, Powerfloat, Porta Safe Stocks and Dental mirror.

Advanced Equine Dentistry offers PowerLite which is durable, lightweight and extremely bright LED light source which allows an excellent visualisation of mouth of the equine patient during oral examinations. The Porta Safe Stocks from Advanced Equine Dentistry enhances the efficiency, safety and versatility of common procedures and professional treatment and care of the horses.

Advanced Equine Dentistry supplies PowerFloat which is a tool design especially for equine dentistry, manufactured in Canada. PowerFloat has a maximum speed of 5000 rate per minute, ideal speed for safe use in horse’s mouth. The PowerFloat is used for the treatment of periodontal disease, orthodontics and for the reduction of severe overgrowths.

Advanced Equine Dentistry uses dental mirrors which allow examination of areas that cannot be seen clearly from the front view of the mouth. Dental mirrors are used for the detection of fractures, ulcers and periodontal disease, etc. Regular examinations of horse teeth are necessary for the good health of the horse from birth to old age.

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