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Dental examinations for horses from Advanced Equine Dentistry

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Advanced Equine Dentistry  offers specialised services for equine dental solutions. Dental services offered by Advanced Equine Dentistry includes foal checks, dental examinations, treatment of periodontal disease, orthodontics, intra oral and surgical extraction, digital dental imaging and fracture repair.

Foal checks offered by Advanced Equine Dentistry involve dental exams detecting congenital abnormalities such as parrot mouth, wry nose and monkey mouth. Dental examinations include setup of mobile dental clinic, collect detailed history of the horse from the owner including various information about riding history and eating disorders, administration of pain relief and sedatives, treatment of dental abnormalities, examination of detailed and head oral exam and then a written report of findings of the examinations, future recommendations and treatment performed etc.

Advanced Equine Dentistry services include dental imaging which is an important part of equine dental care. Dental imaging like x rays allows the practitioner to diagnose the parts of the tooth which are not visible in oral examination and support structures of the teeth. By dental imaging sinuses and bones of the skull are assessed and visualised.

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