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Grain feeders from Advantage Feeders

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Advantage Feeders  offers feeders to avoid significant feed wastage through trampling and soiling of the feed. Advantage Feeders supplies cattle and sheep grain feeders with advanced adjustment systems, scale system on adjusters, incremental volume scale, weather protection, retractable lid, foot step, chain lock down, etc.

Advanced adjustment system of the grain feeders from Advantage Feeders has the benefit of dual adjustment system for proper control over the amount of feed. Advanced adjustment system is a method of outflow ideal for lambs, sheep, calves, cattle and goats which licks the grain or pallets from the grove between two adjusters.

Scale system on the adjusters allows the user to place them in accurate position. Incremental volume scale allows the user to record accurately the grain and pellet outflow. Slight adjustment is made to control the outflow on the grains. Weather protection is an essential feature of self feeders which reduces the need of cleaning outlets after rain. Retractable lid pivots are easy for manoeuvre when lid is open feeder. Feeders from Advantage Feeders are more reliable and durable.

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