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Hay bale feeders from Advantage Feeders

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Advantage Feeders  specialises in a wide range of feeders. Advantage Feeders offers hay bale feeders that provide greater access for the feeding processes of sheep, goats and calves. Hay bale feeders are easy to assemble and set up. These feeders are fully galvanised with quality components.

Advantage Feeders offers grain feeders for farms across the country. Grain feeders consist of an advanced adjustment system for greater flexibility. They also come in a 3.2 cubic metre volume capacity. Feeders from Advantage Feeders consist of scale systems that are suitable for all types of adjusters. These products are designed with special weather protection features. Grain feeders are galvanised for greater durability and strength. Grain feeders offered by Advantage Feeders are reinforced with improved strength than regular cattle models.

Advantage Feeders supplies mobile trough feeders which are 4.8 metres in length. These troughs are durable with a powder coated trough structure. These mobile trough feeders are easy to assemble. The low sides of the trough feeders are suitable for mature cattle as well as young calves. These feeders consist of galvanised structures built with quality components.

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