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Hay feeders from Advantage Feeders

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Advantage Feeders  offers a wide range of hay feeder for farms. Advantage Feeders offers a innovative feeding systems which cuts down the farm expenditure by saving wastes. Advantage Feeders reduces the expensive and diminishing labour. Advantage Feeders allows the user to control the feeding accurately and enables the effective analysis of feeding solutions.

Advantage Feeders also balances the maximum savings over the lifetime with the financial outlay. Advantage Feeders was established from small farm enterprises. Advantage Feeders offers three types of feeders which includes Hay Bale feeders, Grain feeders and mobile trough feeders.

Hay Bale Feeders from Advantage Feeders provides up to 45 percentages of large savings in waste and 50 percentage of labour. Hay Bale Feeders is suitable for all square and round bales. Hay Bale Feeders is provided with roll loading system and a sheet floor catches leaf matter and spilt grains. The Hay Bale Feeders from Advantage Feeders keeps the hay and silage away from the ground and keep them out of moisture.

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