Aeration Control Australia

Aeration Control Australia, part of the Industrial Automation Group, focuses on the delivery of high quality grain aeration control systems.

The company is now expanding its distribution base in Australia and overseas as well as bringing together different components of the grain aeration systems such as fans and control panels.

Aeration Control Australia will provide you with complete turnkey solutions to your grain aeration requirements ... + View more


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08/11/12 - You invest a substantial amount of time into growing and harvesting your crops, so why risk wasting them by failing to adopt optimal storage practices?
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26/09/12 - Aeration Control Australia, a subsidiary of the Industrial Automation Group has added the Brock range of aeration fans to their product line.
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12/07/11 - Aeration Control is set to design, supply and install a grain handling system for Esperance Quality Grain that includes a conveyor, elevator and silo control system for all their grain handling needs.
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04/07/11 - Grain aeration control systems will be supplied for various existing grain storage locations throughout Western Australia.
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Aeration Control Australia (Head office) Update these details
39 Winton Rd
WA 6027
Tel: 1300 IND AUTO | 1300 463 288
Fax: 08 9300 1846

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