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Aeration Control Australia announce use of grain aeration controls systems in WA CBH facilities

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Cooperative Bulk Handling (CBH) is a grower-owned cooperative that is responsible for the centralised storage, and the subsequently required aeration, of grain in Western Australia.

The majority of grain produced in Western Australia will be stored for a period of time. During this time, it is of critical importance that the moisture content and temperature of the grain be controlled to reduce the risk of spoilage. These conditions can be controlled by a process known as "aeration", by which air is pumped through the stored grain via fans, ducts and exhaust vents.

Industrial Automation will design, supply and install the grain aeration control systems for various existing grain storage locations throughout Western Australia. This includes the supply and design of the aeration control system using a PLC, operator interface panel and motor starting equipment.

It also includes the supply, installation and calibration of the weather station and grain temperature probes.

The grain aeration control system developed by Industrial Automation is also capable of the following:

  • remote access to the control system via a telephone modem which can even notify of an alarm condition
  • implementation of advanced control techniques (using same Sixnet PLC)
  • control of an increased number of fan motors
  • communications to existing grain temperature monitoring systems/sensors.
The operator sets the desired setpoints for both temperature and humidity on the grain aeration control system. When the external temperature and humidity readings are both below their respective setpoint values, the aeration fans are operated.

The touch screen operator interface provides the operator with the following functions:

  • change the setpoints
  • check current temp/humidity
  • view system alarms
  • check status of fan motors
  • view historical trends
  • configure the control system.
The performance of the aeration control system can be monitored by periodically uploading the data-log file from the Sixnet PLC onto a laptop computer. This file contains the grain temperature, external temperature, humidity and fan run hour readings for the last three months.

This information on grain aeration control systems was supplied by Aeration Control Australia .

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