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Agricultural training courses from Ag Training

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Ag Training  offers a number of agricultural and machinery training course combinations for those wanting to enter the industry or are already in the industry and want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Agricultural and machinery training courses provided by Ag Training are flexible and competency based, meaning students are able to be assessed when they feel they are competent in a specific area.
Agricultural and machinery training course units supplied by Ag Training include:

  • 'Co-ordinating Work' cluster (two units delivered together)
    • RTE3307A - Co-ordinate machinery & equipment maintenance & repair
    • RTE3805A - Co-ordinate work site activities
  • 'Crop Production' cluster (three units delivered together)
    • RTE3009A - Undertake agricultural crop harvesting activities
    • RTE3024A - Undertake preparation of land for agricultural crop production
    • RTE3029A - Establish agricultural crop
  • Units that can be completed individually or grouped into a course to suit individual needs
    • RTC2309A - Operate tractors
    • RTC2705A - Work effectively in the Industry
    • RTC2801A - Participate in workplace communications
    • RTC3309A - Operate machinery in adverse conditions
    • RTC3310A - Operate specialised machinery & equipment
    • RTC3311A - Perform specialised Machinery Maintenance
    • RTC3713A - Carry out Workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Procedures (CORE UNIT)
    • RTC4701A - Implement & Monitor the Enterprise OHS Program
    • RTD2313A - Clean Machinery of Plant, Animal & Soil Material
    • RTE3506A - Monitor Weather Conditions
    • RTE3801A - Provide On-Job Training Support

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