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Actellic 900 SF from AgNova controls a wide range of pests including those resistant to synthetic pyrethroids, organochlorines and some organophosphate compounds.

It can be used for controlling cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes and mosquito larvae in and around domestic, public service areas, agricultural buildings, commercial and industrial areas and refuse tips.

Actellic 900 SF can also be used as an admixture treatment for the control of insect pests (except Lesser Grain Borer) in stored cereal grain and peanuts, and for disinfestation of empty grain and peanut stores and equipment.

For specific use and rates, please refer to the label.

Odour management for indoor use

Actellic 900 SF has a distinctive odour that is evident during and immediately following application. The odour is a partial indicator of the vapour phase which is an important component of the Actellic mode of action and ability to control hidden pests.

When applying the product indoors care should be taken to manage the impact of any residual odour. Do not over-apply to beyond the point of run off. Do not apply to carpets, mats and soft furnishings.

In sensitive situations de-odourisers such as Anotec may be used in association with ACTELLIC 900 SF to manage odour.

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