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AgNova launch All Clear DS tank cleaner

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article image Damage to chickpea crop is suspected to be from herbicide residues.

Traces of certain herbicides can lead to crop damage, yield decreases and, in severe cases, costly re-planting, and have a devastating impact on sensitive crops in mixed cropping areas.

Popular herbicides, such as sulfonylurea (SU), often contain wetters, stickers and oils that can leave residues and are often difficult to remain from spraying equipment. Some common solvents in EC (emulsifiable concentrate) formulated chemicals strip the SU residues out of the boom spray, which can damage sensitive crops.

This season there will be an increased number of broadleaf crops that are very sensitive to even tiny traces of SU herbicides. It is for this reason that AgNova Technologies have launched All Clear DS tank and equipment cleaner. The double strength formulation has been proven to decontaminate the principle problem herbicides in Australia.

All Clear DS contains sequestrants, which lock up active molecules in the washout solution, preventing recontamination during the clean-out process. This process is unique to All Clear formulations which also contain a robust oxidant that neutralises pesticide residues removed from the equipment by the surfactants and locked up by the sequestrants.

Benefits of the All Clear formula include:

  • Easy to use
  • Low foam formulation
  • Non-corrosive;and
  • Flexibility of three year shelf life.
Further information about All Clear DS can be found on the AgNova website.

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