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Baron selective herbicide for weed management

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Baron selective herbicide, from Agnova  is suitable for weed management in onions and vegetable brassicas. Baron 400 WP contains 400 g/kg oxyfluorfen (Group G Herbicide) in a formulation that behaves differently to EC formulations of oxyfluorfen.    

Baron is an effective weed management tool because it forms a film on the soil surface that provides an effective barrier to a wide range of emerging weeds.   Baron has very little contact activity on emerged weeds and for best results should be applied to a weed-free soil which has fine tilth.      

Baron and some weed management tips:  

Baron will remain effective for a number of weeks depending on the rate used, time of year, soil moisture, and other factors. Baron is insoluble in water and leaching into the soil profile is therefore minimal. The principal means of breakdown is by sunlight, hence Baron will last longer during dull, cloudy, wet conditions (winter), and have a relatively short life in bright, sunny weather (summer).

As a general rule, Baron should be used at low rates in winter and higher rates in summer, however this will be influenced by a range of factors that are explained in detail on the product label.  

Soil disturbance and weed management:

For optimum residual weed management, the area treated with Baron should be left undisturbed during the time period for which weed control is desired. It may be necessary to spot treat with knockdown herbicides or use follow-up applications of approved herbicides for escape weeds and perennial grasses.

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