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Linuron herbicides available from AgNova Technologies

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Linuron herbicides have proven crop safety and unmatched weed control in carrot, potato, onion, parsnip, coriander, cereals, maize, soyabean, sweet corn and celery crops.

Available from AgNova Technologie s, Linuron herbicides are foliar absorbed and residual herbicides that control weeds present at application by absorption through the foliage and subsequent germination of weeds through root absorption.

These herbicides offer growers a choice of formulation, either flowable liquids or dry flowable granules. 

For best results, Linuron herbicides should be applied to well cultivated, weed-free surface free of trash and clods. Cultivation after application of these herbicides might result in reduction of weed control and/or crop injury.

Other features of the Linuron herbicides include:

  • Excellent crop safety
  • Broad spectrum weed control
  • Easy to use, choice of highly concentrated DF or liquid flowable formulation
  • Multi crop registrations

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