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New All Clear DS tank cleaner from AgNova eliminates pesticide deposits from spray equipment

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article image All Clear DS tank cleaner from AgNova uses three-way mode of action to strip off pesticide residues, lock them up and break them down

AgNova Technologies  presents All Clear DS tank cleaner formulated to remove pesticide traces and deposits from spray equipment including the tank, spray boom, hoses, filters and nozzles.  

Traces of certain herbicides can have a devastating impact on sensitive crops, especially in mixed cropping areas leading to crop damage, yield decreases and, in severe cases, costly re-planting. Popular herbicides are often formulated or packaged with wetters, stickers and oils that may make these products difficult to remove from spraying equipment.  

Broadleaf crops including canola, pulses and pasture are very sensitive to even minute traces of sulfonylurea (SU) remaining in the boom spray. SU herbicides have a tendency to bind to tank linings, filter and hoses, and accumulate in the dead ends and crevices in boom spray hoses.  

Some common solvents in EC (emulsifiable concentrate) formulated chemicals strip the SU residues out of the boom spray, which can damage sensitive crops.  

Boom spray cleaning is a serious issue as well as cause for confusion among growers because of lack of clarity in recommended tank cleaners for decontamination of spray equipment.

In the past, many different herbicides needed different decontamination procedures, with laundry detergents, household bleach and pool chlorine being recommended with potential catastrophic results.  

According to Mr Darren Thomas, Sales and Marketing Manager for AgNova, All Clear DS is a unique tank and equipment cleaner, which has been tested and proven effective on key problem herbicides in Australia.  

All Clear has also demonstrated in UK manufacturer trials that it can effectively remove carfentrazone-ethyl, the active ingredient in Hammer+ and Affinity+.  

Darren adds that All Clear has been evaluated against 20 other tank cleaners for removal of 35 different pesticide deposits where it has been found equal to, or better than competitive cleaners. DuPont markets All Clear in the UK for sprayer clean-up and decontamination.    

Key benefits of All Clear DS tank cleaner:  

  • Double strength formulation allows significant cost reduction 
  • Three-way mode of action strips off residues, locks them up and breaks them down 
  • Unique blend of powerful surfactants penetrates into crevices, stripping sticky materials off surfaces 
  • Sequestrants lock up active molecules in the washout solution, preventing recontamination during the clean-out process 
  • Robust oxidant neutralises pesticide residues removed from the equipment by the surfactants and locked up by the sequestrants 
  • Rids equipment of otherwise difficult to remove combinations including SU, triazines, phenoxys, fops and dims 
  • Suitable as a general cleaning product for mecoprop, paraquat, glyphosate and oily adjuvants 
  • Easy to use with low foam formulation 
  • Non-corrosive 
  • No ammonia or chlorine reduces hazard to the operator 
  • Shelf life exceeds three years

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