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New Hi-tech Tank Cleaning Solution

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Tiny traces of some herbicides sprayed onto sensitive crops can result in severe financial pain for growers

through crop setback, or, in some cases re-planting.

Chemical manufacturers have researched extensively special adjuvants and surfactants to help their actives cling to the crop and penetrate the plant. Hi-tech oils encapsulate droplets and help stop evaporation.

New generation formulations are particularly effective in getting active ingredients to the target and sticking them to the plant. Unfortunately, these new formulation technologies and some new low rate products also have their downside.

They make complete clean out of spray equipment much more difficult.

To keep up with changing technologies and to meet the need for more complete spray tank cleanout and decontamination, AgNova Technologies has just released into Australia All Clear.

Hailed as ‘the new science for tank cleaning’ All Clear is specially formulated to remove difficult residues and oily deposits.

What makes All Clear unique is its three-way (strip it off , lock it up, break it down) mode of action.

This new generation tank cleaner combines:

a unique blend of surfactants that penetrate into crevices within the tank, spray boom, hoses and nozzles, stripping even the stickiest materials off surfaces;

two sequestrants, which lock up toxic materials in the washout solution preventing recontamination during the clean-out process. This process is unique to All Clear;

powerful oxidant that neutralises pesticide residues removed from the equipment by the surfactants and locked up by the sequestrants.

Three-way mode of action means All Clear can rid equipment of otherwise difficult to remove combinations of sulfonylureas, triazoles, phenoxys, fops and dims etc.

Equally effective against general cleaning problems including mecoprop, paraquat, glyphosate and oily adjuvants, All Clear is also very effective against “sticky” deposits.

All Clear is the only tank cleaner in UK manufacturer trials to demonstrate it can effectively remove carfentrazone-ethyl.

AgNova Managing Director, John Read, says All Clear has been evaluated in Europe and America against 20 other tank cleaners for removal of 35 different pesticide deposits.

In every case, it was equal or better than competitive cleaners.

“What overseas users have also liked is that All Clear is a low foam formulation, is non corrosive and without the presence of ammonia presents a lower hazard to the operator,” Mr Read said.

Some crops such as canola and pulses are very sensitive to even minute traces of sulfonylurea (SU) remaining in the boom spray.

SU herbicides have a tendency to bind to tank linings, filters and hoses, and accumulate in the dead ends in boom spray hoses.

Toluene in EC (emulsifiable concentrate) formulated chemicals strips the SU residues out of the boom spray, which can damage sensitive crops.

Even after cleaning the tank as recommended with household chlorine bleach, minute concentrations of the

herbicide can still be stripped from the tank by EC formulated chemicals such as grass sprays or insecticides and result in crop damage.

“DuPont UK think highly of this product and market it for sprayer cleanup and decontamination,” Mr Read said.

He advised All Clear is an economical, easy to use liquid available in 5 L packs from leading resellers and made the following comment.

“To minimize risk of crop damage from a contaminated sprayer, remember the old adage – IF IN DOUBT, CLEAN IT OUT”

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