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New pasture registration for Metarex from AgNova Technologies

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The Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority has approved a new use for the premium all weather slug and snail bait, Metarex, from AgNova Technologies . Metarex is the only metaldehyde based bait registered specifically for use in pastures.

Darren Thomas, sales and marketing manager with AgNova Technologies said, "Metarex has always been recognized as a palatable and effective slug and snail bait. Now it is even more flexible."

The new product label allows users to sow pasture seed with Metarex into the furrow. Having the bait in close proximity to pasture seed ensures seedlings are protected against slug damage when they are at their most vulnerable.

Slugs can significantly impact pasture establishment, especially in cold wet conditions. Slugs feed on seeds and seedlings, both below and above ground level. Damaged seedlings rarely emerge, often leading to costly re-sowing.

Mr Thomas added, "Slug populations are commonly encountered in excess of 100,000 per hectare and with a voracious appetite for crops and pastures, they can quickly decimate a plant stand. With a small, even bait size, Metarex is ideal for mixing and sowing with pasture seed while providing a large number of bait points per square metre."

Metarex was designed for wet European conditions where ordinary bran based baits quickly deteriorate and are quickly rendered ineffective.

Metarex is manufactured using a wet process which provides superior rainfastness to ordinary slug and snail baits. This means growers who choose Metarex often have to apply less kilograms per hectare and save on applications and the associated costs.

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